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HR Simplification Program

Engagement Overview

e&e were engaged as part of the HR Simplification program for a financial services client and were responsible for a program of work that delivered a single Learning Management System to all business units across the company.

e&e provided Project Management services to the project which aimed to consolidate the multiple learning systems used throughout the company, simplify learning operations, track compliance requirements, reduce spending in line with best practice, and provide a foundation to let business units align their learning activities to more cost-effective models.

Scope of work

The scope included:

  • Configuration and deployment of a SaaS LMS solution to meet the need of the client
  • System Integration through single sign-on or hyperlink with
    • Core HR systems
    • External (or third party) content databases/systems
    • Yammer to facilitate social learning
    • Web-Ex or Live-Meeting to enable real time learning
  • Migration of active and recent learning content and history from the legacy systems for all business units
  • Consolidation of infrastructure and decommissioning of legacy systems
  • Development and implementation of core and common processes and procedures to support learning simplification and enable centralisation of logistics and administration


Key outcomes achieved:

  • Reduced systems cost through consolidation of existing systems to one single LMS platform
  • Reduced FTEs by removing duplicated processes and implementing systems automation
  • Reduced running costs and staffing levels of the client’s L&D (Learning & Development) function in line with industry best practise
  • Established a governance structure to manage and control learning expenditure
  • Established standardised and consistent business processes that support future business models e.g. off shoring or outsourcing
  • Enhanced reporting functionality that meets regulatory and management requirements, and assists partner teams implement their own strategies e.g. core capabilities, leadership curriculum alignment, 70:20:10 learning culture, etc.
  • Easy access through integration with core HR systems and content systems from other external providers
  • ‘One-stop-shop’ for all learning


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