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e&e are partners and trusted advisors to some of the largest corporations and institutions across Australia. e&e is an organisation that has a strong cultural synergy of likeminded consultants based on mutual respect who strive to achieve professional excellence.

e&e aim to employ specialist business focused consultants by attracting and retaining the industries finest talent. The basis for which this occurs is through our rigorous recruitment and on-boarding process ensuring e&e employs only the industry’s most talented and experienced individuals.

e&e creates a platform that energises careers and develops collaborative working environments to maximise client satisfaction and harness career growth.

e&e are committed to building professional careers as well as focusing on professional development to strive towards our commitment of excellence. e&e values include:

  • Collaborative and supportive culture
  • Drive towards delivering excellence to our clients
  • Enjoyable, fast paced welcoming environment
  • Professional development through training and career mentorship
  • Reward and recognition for consulting excellence

e&e value the people we work with and who work for us. e&e understands that more often than not the most acute challenges in any technology solution are often the human ones.

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