e&e | Oil and Gas client’s $24.75 billion project
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Oil and Gas client’s $24.75 billion project

Engagement Overview

As part of an oil and gas client’s $24.75 billion project to extract and convert coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to the global market, e&e provided architectural and consulting services for several components of work. The project is a joint venture partnership.


Scope of work

In late 2012, the client’s corporate office was built and placed into operation within a very short period due to the projects tight timeframes resulting in some components not being implemented as per best practice.  e&e was engaged to conduct a full review the office to ensure both the network and infrastructure environment that was implemented was robust, scalable and configured securely to support the client’s project which is due to go live in quarter four 2015.

The review focused heavily on the network infrastructure (Network links, utilisation, latency, security, remote access redundancy) and server infrastructure such as Active Directory, servers, storage, backups and security policies along with other areas such as operational support and IT facilities.



e&e’s team of consultants and solution architects delivered a 90 page report documenting critical findings and recommendations that needed to be addressed to ensure the client’s corporate office is not impacted when the project reaches “First Gas” phase.

Some of these recommendations included: implementing a new remote access solution that utilises 2 Factor Authentication, rectified high network utilisation across the WAN,  implement monitoring in the client’s computer room, implementing group policies as per best practice and rectified backup and restore issues.

e&e worked closely with resources from HP and Telstra to help design and implement the recommendations, which were all delivered within strict production deadlines and per the allocated budget.


Strategic Advisory Services