e&e | Business Transformation, Process, System and People changes
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Business Transformation, Process, System and People changes

Engagement Overview

As part of an aviation client’s project, e&e was engaged to carry out the required business transformation, process, system and people changes to enable the client to move to a unified set of passenger processes across Long Haul and Domestic Operations.

This included:

  • The implementation of Sabresonic (a single Passenger Service System PSS). This system was outsourced to an Airline Technical Specialist Consultancy
  • Moving to a single designator (migrating DJ to VA)
  • Moving to (e-)ticketed operations, and harmonising business policies, processes and procedures


Scope of work

e&e provided all necessary changes identified for the deployment of the Sabre PSS, this included:

  • WAN connectivity and required upgrades as identified for airports, data centres and contact centres nationally and internationally
  • Web Services connectivity for systems
  • Changes to the existing security layers to allow the Sabre PSS connectivity and required third party interfaces e.g. Firewall rules
  • Working with CUTE ports to ensure deployment of required packages to support Airport functions – SITA/AIRINC
  • Deployment of newly identified infrastructure requirements e.g., servers, peripheral devices
  • Deployment of changes to current infrastructure to meet the needs of the Sabre PSS solution
  • Deployment, certification and/or upgrade of peripheral devices to enable the transition to the new Sabre PSS solution
  • Provision of Training environments for Specialist and End Users to enable the business to prepare staff for the transition to the new PSS.


Cutover to Sabresonic and Post Cutover activities were extremely successful with minimum disruptions experienced to customers and to the business. All systems and environments delivered were accepted into support by relevant BAU teams.


Change Management & Communications